Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's Tie-Dye!

At my homeschool co-op, our group tie-dyed. It was lots of fun. You'll see. Just keep scrolling...

I learned that there are three basic types of tie-dying. They are all too hard to explain in writing.

After everyone bagged up their newly tie-dyed shirts, we had some free time. Unfortunately, I only got one picture of us goofing around. : /

See the rubberband? See it? That was our only weapon. Stay strong, sisters!

Have you ever tie-died before?


  1. I have never tie-died before, but it looks like lots of fun!


  2. Tie dyeing is messy but fun! I love it!

  3. We did a long time didn't turn out like yours, though. :) It was fun!

  4. That looks really fun! I've only tie-dyed a few times, a loooong time ago!

  5. Oh my goodness! My homeschool co-op tie dyed shirts too! Do you know what curriculum you use?

  6. Hello!
    You have a great blog! I love the name. It is so cool. :P
    This looks so fun. I have never done this but I want to now! LOL!
    God bless,


    My blog:

  7. Jessica - Tie-dying is fun!

    Ice Girl - It is messy, am I right? : )

    Anna - I'm glad you had a good time!

    Piano Bookworm - You should so do it again.

    Rebecca Pearl - What a coincidence! And if you mean what school curriculum I use, it's A Beka Academy.

    Abilaine - You are so sweet! I'll check out your blog soon.

  8. I love tie-dying! It is such a fun project.

  9. I love tie-dyeing!!! It is so much fun:):):):)

  10. This is a perfect activity to do with your best friends!


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