Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book Review of: Journey to Nowhere - Mary Jane Auch

Journey to Nowhere

After the War of 1812, Remembrance "Mem" Nye and her family relocate from Connecticut to the unsettled area of western New York. Mem believes it is a complete journey to nowhere in the great wilderness with just endless forest. Along this adventure, Mem's family encounters the perils of wild animals, raging storms, and cruel strangers. (written by me)

I was not totally enthralled with this story like I was with Princess Academy or the Land of Elyon series (which I will post book reviews on), but I did enjoy Auch's book. She portrays an eleven year old girl in the spring of 1815, on the prairie with her family of four.
    I have never read (in all my reading years) a history fiction before now. I did, however, appreciate Auch's work and research she put into this book. I doubt anyone under the age of nine would like Journey to Nowhere
There was brief violence in Journey to Nowhere such as drinking, smoking, and knives. There were no bad words, if I remember correctly.

With that I give this book 4 stars

This is my first book review and I assure you, they will get better!


  1. Hi! :) I love your blog!

    ~ Jess

    1. Hello, Jess! I checked out your blog. ;D

  2. Oh I remember my teacher reading that to us in 4th grade and I loved it then. Did you know it was a trilogy? I would recommend reading the last too books, they are better I think.

    1. Really? I thought there was only two. Thanks!

  3. I haven't read that book yet....but I have read some like it. Have you read any of the Dear America history diaries?

  4. I love historical fiction about the 1800's . . . it's my favorite time period.
    Like your new profile picture, it's cute. =)


  5. Rebecca Pearl - No, I haven't read any of the Dear America history diaries. Maybe I should check them out...

    Leaf Dance Photography - I, too, like history fictions. Thank you for the complement on my new profile picture!

  6. Lindy what type of book do you like best. Say if you had to choose from inkheart , little women , fairy tales , into the wild , my side of the mountain , and raising dragons. The last is my favorite and actually a very christian series.

    I also believe that dragons exist but are / (were) dinosaurs. They are mentioned in the bible Job 41


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